1000W iLogic9 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 120V-277V

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Delivering an incredible 2800 μmol/s PPF, the iLogic™9 Full Spectrum fixture has the power to penetrate more deeply into the densest indoor plantations, giving lower growth tips the intensity they need to reach the canopy, resulting in more viable flower sites per plant. Cultivators enjoy bigger yields, higher quality, and more overall crop homogeneity. The enhanced canopy penetration frees growers from the chore of remedial foliage stripping in order to promote the development of lower and mid-tier flower sites. Use with our ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ controller or ILUMINAR Lighting Dimmer Switch. 


  • PPF: 2800 µmol/s 
  • Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J 
  • Input Power: 1000W 
  • 120-277V Model 

Power Cord Not Included

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*Every environment is unique and if you’re using additional supplemental lighting, it will change the light layout requirements. Click here for a complimentary Lighting Design specific to your garden.


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