630W iLogic8 LED Grow Light UV Far-Red 120V-277V

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When transitioning from HID to LED, one of the components that are commonly lost is the UV and Far-Red that HID lighting provides that current LEDs on the market do not provide. It shouldn’t have to be one or the other. At ILUMINAR Lighting, we want your plants to have the benefit of the entire spectrum – not only what your eyes can see. For this, we’re introducing the iLogic™8 UV + Far-Red. This spectrum provides a more powerful and full spectrum for your plants. Enhance trichome development increase yield with the state-of-the-art ILUMINAR Lighting iLogic™8 UV+Far-Red. Adding Far-Red to the light spectrum can increase leaf size, enabling plants to capture more light and potentially increase growth. Therefore, over time, Far-Red radiation can indirectly increase growth. Use with the ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ controller or ILUMINAR Lighting Dimmer Switch.


  • ePAR: 1.800 µmol/s 
  • ePAR efficacy: 2.85 µmol/J 
  • Input Power: 630W 
  • 120-277V Model 

Power Cord Not Included

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*Every environment is unique and if you’re using additional supplemental lighting, it will change the light layout requirements. Click here for a complimentary Lighting Design specific to your garden.


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