Adjustable LED Hanging Cables (4 Pack)

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The Hanging Cable Kit from ILUMINAR Lighting is a set of fully adjustable, galvanized steel aircraft cable hangers. Measuring 3 feet (36 inches) in length with a width of 1/16th inch, these cables can be used to suspend LED iLW & iLBar or DE grow lights. Kit includes four cables with 18-inch “Y” bottom legs and a Kwik Lock for adjusting the loop over a structure.

Hang your grow lights safely and securely with only the best materials selected by ILUMINAR Lighting

Four heavy-duty, fully adjustable, galvanized steel hanging cables for ILUMINAR LED and DE Grow Lights. Cables have a plastic protective coating that can be removed. 2.0mm diameter 3 feet (36 inches) in length Kgs of working load support: 22 kgs Lbs of working load support: 48.5 Lbs 18 inch “Y” legs Quick-Lock Use with 2 Cables: 97lbs of support Use with 4 Cables: 194lbs of support Breaking Strength of one single steel cable 390 kg.

* WARNING: Breaking strength should never be considered the rope’s working load. Safety factor 5:1


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