Vertical DE Reflector Top Hat

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Lost light is a waste that should be captured and used. By adding the Top Hat reflector to your Vertical DE fixture, you’ll increase the available light the emitter outputs, taking that light and redirecting it into the canopy. Designed for upper placement to feed light to the top canopy and primaries, the Top Hat reflector acts as a traditional parabolic reflector by directing even light into the canopy.


  • Keyhole feature secures Top Hat
  • Designed to reflect vertical light and redirect to the canopy 
  • Can be mounted upside down for additional reflectivity 
  • Sweet-spot lighting solution 
  • Simple installation
  • Increase garden efficiency 
  • No tools necessary for assembly Vertical farming is back at the forefront of growers’ thoughts and re-engineering old school ideas is the new frontier.

 ILUMINARLighting’s Vertical DE Reflector is the newest ‘old school’ tech idea there is, enabling growers to re-think the shape of their gardens with this DCP (Deep Canopy Penetration) capability.


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