630W iLogic8 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 120V-277V

630W iLogic8 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 120V-277V

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The 630W iLogic™8 LED is designed to outperform the competition with additional diodes and a tuned spectrum to deliver iconic results. The new iLogic™8 has actual heating fins that help dissipate the heat. As for hanging and anything like that, each has two swivel points on either side so that you can have it properly sitting level. The way to take off a bar is the same way – hold the pin down and slide to your left. Another aspect of it is that everything is clip-on, clip-off. The new iLogic™8 works with the Cable Logic cables. Use with the ILUMINAR Lighting Touch+ controller or ILUMINAR Lighting Dimmer Switch.


  • PPF: 1700 µmol/s 
  • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J 
  • Input Power: 630W 
  • 120-277V Model 

Power Cord Not Included

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*Every environment is unique and if you’re using additional supplemental lighting, it will change the light layout requirements. Click here for a complimentary Lighting Design specific to your garden.


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